Day & Night Janitorial Services

Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning to a whole new level.

These days, there’s much more to janitorial services to keep your building clean, compliant, and sustainable.

Post Construction Cleaning

Our construction clean up service is a final cleaning after any construction project. We offer Rough, Final and Puff/three (3) Phases.  This ensures that the completed project will make the property suitable to impress and attract clients or tenants

Healthcare Cleaning

Understanding the unique needs of training, medical screenings and regulatory compliance is critical when servicing healthcare facilities. Pristine Image operates daily in the healthcare environment.  HIPPA Certified; Blood-borne Pathogens Certified.  Micro-fiber products only and HEPA Vacuums.


Commercial Office Cleaning

First impressions are important, whether your business is in an office building, a retail store, a bank, a church or a small business. Pristine Image has the people and the tools to keep your commercial building clean and looking its best. Pristine Image offers several types of commercial cleaning

Education Schools Cleaning

This is our priority when servicing your facility; Our signature processes which range from preventing cross contamination to reduction in indoor air pollution with state-of-the-art chemicals and materials all focus on eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, spores and harsh chemicals to keep your staff and students of all ages safe.


Pristine Image has over 10 years of experience with Government cleaning.  Providing all levels of Government metropolitan areas we service. From Local and State  buildings and offices.

Churchs Religious

Pristine Image cleaning services  accommodates all the needs and timelines of your church or religious facility.

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