Pristine Image Intl., LLC

Pristine Image Intl., LLC is a commercial property janitorial service provider in the Indianapolis area. We have a passion to be the best janitorial service provider to all our customers.  Our attention to detail are the key components of executing and delivering consistent and quality service.

Our approach when addressing sudden and unforeseen obstacles are to: immediately respond, take responsibility, make no excuses, resolve the issue, and learn from each situation. We achieve our goals with a combination of working hard, taking care of our customers and employees while seeking continuous improvement.

Why Pristine Image

Each and every day, our mission is to build value for your business by helping you decrease operating costs, reduce customer complaints, and improve your customer’s overall experience.

We Deliver Customized Solutions

Janitorial Services

Dedicated to Providing An Exceptional Facility Services Experience, Every Time

Reliable Cleaning Professions

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